Where Do You Want to Go?

For many people, deciding on a career can feel like taking a journey without a map or a destination. Eventually, with some advice and direction, a little exploration, and maybe a dead end or two, they begin to get a sense of where they’d like to go and how to get there. Whether you’re just starting out or picking up a new career in mid-life, Muskegon Community College offers courses and...

Brawn to Brains: Skills are the future of manufacturing

You may have heard that manufacturing jobs are a thing of the past. While it’s true that old-fashioned assembly line jobs are dwindling, a new kind of manufacturing job is starved for skilled workers. Today, over 60 percent of manufacturing employees have at least some college education, according to a U.S. Department of Commerce report. A Manufacturing Institute report estimated that 600,000...

College at any age

Changing careers in today’s economy often means going back to college to learn new skills. Community colleges are usually the first place career changers turn, and not just because they’re a good value. College for adult learners Community colleges have served adult learners for decades. We understand the challenges faced by older students who often have family and job responsibilities....
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Keeping Pace in Industrial Electronics

Leah Shaw When Leah Shaw joined Shape Corp, the Grand Haven-based global pioneer in advanced custom roll forming and injection molding, coworkers saw her potential. They encouraged the manufacturing associate to become an electrician apprentice. Accepted into the program, Leah took Muskegon Community College courses, funded by Shape, leading to an associate’s degree in electronics...

Charting a New Career

Terry Zahnhiser After retiring from the Marine Corps in 2005, Terry Zahnhiser discovered at MCC that he could combine his love of geography and homeland security into an exciting new career. Terry dabbled in geography courses at MCC. Inspired by Instructor Diana Casey, he eventually took every geography class offered at the college. The former military counterintelligence specialist added the...

Careers in Computers

When the recession claimed the jobs of Ken Visger and Monica Deboef, they became first-time college students as adults and, soon after, graduates coveted by West Michigan firms seeking their RPG computer skills learned while at MCC. RPG, or Report Program Generator, has been around for decades, said MCC Instructor Char Parker, who never stopped teaching the less trendy but stalwart Computer...

The Right Amount of Higher Education

You don’t have to commit to four years of college to increase your income Several recent economic studies shed light on the outlook for national and local jobs, and help answer the question, “How much higher education do I need?” More job openings for skilled workers A 2010 study from Georgetown University “Help Wanted: Projections of Jobs and Education Requirements through 2018,”...
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Hybrid CAD/CNC Program

West Michigan industries need MCC-educated Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) operators faster than the college can train them. “Right now, we can’t graduate enough students in those areas,” says Tom Martin, who heads up MCC’s Technology Department where machining classes have increased five-fold since he arrived on campus in 2008. Martin scoffs at the...
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Tips for Returning Adult Students

Increasingly, MCC administrators and faculty members are reaching out to returning adult students with reassuring advice for them to comfortably return to the classroom. “Non-traditional-aged students bring motivation and maturity to the classroom. They are often not afraid to ask questions or seek an instructor’s help,” said Dr. Paul Mazur, President of Sussex County Community College....

Automotive Technology: Gear up for an exciting career!

Career opportunity, economic rewards, emerging technologies. Automotive technology has it all. The Automotive Technology program at Muskegon Community College puts you in tune with one of today’s hottest careers!  Looking for opportunity?  Thousands of automotive technicians are needed nationwide.  Money?  Technicians typically earn between $30,000 and $50,000 annually, with highly...
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